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Your drive died. All is lost... or is it?

Hard drives aren't infallible. New and old hard drives have a limited lifespan. Some hard drives can die within weeks where as others can last a decade. It's regrettably the reality with computer parts and data. Thus data loss can happen to ANYONE. Reliability has increased throughout the years; however so has the increased amount of storage, therefore increasing chance of data corruption or data loss. Since hard drives have moving parts (as in a platter and needle similar to a record player), the information could be lost due to a hard drive mechanical failure. Data recovery techniques do not guarantee any 100% data recovery but here at main street computers we have the experience and the tools to get the job done.

How you can protect your own data! Data backups can be done by you. It can involve using a blank CD or DVD, a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. Saving in multiple locations is also a very good idea. How about keeping a copy of your documents at home, and on a flash drive you carry in the car? Or about saving a copy of your pictures on Flickr, or an online file storage company (such as Carbonite) or G-Mail? A network-attached storage device or a secondary hard drive can also help. This can save you a lot of grief and money down the road. Remember to backup your data on a regular basis, better safe than sorry!